Lately I have been obsessed with sensory bottles.  I think they are so fun to make and I love to get creative with them.  Oh, and kids love them too 😉

There are no limits to what you can use in a sensory bottle.  Well that’s not true.  The items have to fit into a water bottle–but there are so many possibilities!  I saw ideas for fall bottles on Pinterest and they were so cute and fun that I decided to come up with my own Winter/Valentines bottles.

I like to make the sensory objects in each bottle a little different.  It keeps things interesting and each one provides a different sensory experience when shaken.  The first one I made was a “snow ball” one and for this I just put several cotton balls in the bottle. The next one was filled with water beads (I used Valentines colors), and the kids have been fighting over this one like crazy! I’m glad to see it’s a hit but I’ll probably need to make more.  The third one is another fun one that the kids enjoy.  It is bean bag filler beads with puffy snowflakes.  The kids love shaking it around trying to find the hidden snowflakes.  And finally the fourth one I did for this season is a water based one.  Directions I’ve found on the Internet say to fill the bottle half with water and half corn syrup.  I find it to be a little too much corn syrup so I do less of that and more water.  Then add whatever glitter you’d like.  For this one I did white glitter to mimic snowfall and added heart sequins.

Have fun making your own themed sensory bottles!  Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear the creative ideas you come up with as well!