The kids in my class LOVE firetrucks!  Making a shape firetruck was a great way to incorporate something they love into the mundane task of learning our shapes.  Kids will be in awe when they see that just a few simple shapes can turn into an awesome firetruck.
What you’ll need:

  1. Red, blue, yellow, white and black construction paper
  2. Glue Stick

Crafts with no fuss items are the best. These are typical arts and crafts items and the left over stuff will easily be used for other activities!  So, the first thing to do is cut the shapes.  For my class of 2 to 3 year olds I cut the shapes for them.  If you want to do this with an older kid, by all means, have them practice cutting their own shapes!  I don’t let the kids cut the shapes because-if and when they don’t turn out right-it takes away from the firetruck image to the end, which is what this craft is all about!  You’ll need 3 black circles, 1 large red rectangle, 1 large red square, 1 smaller blue square, and a long, skinny yellow rectangle.

Now it’s time to glue the shapes onto the paper and form the truck!  Toddlers can apply their own glue easiest in the form of a gluestick.  I absolutely LOVE purple Elmer’s Glue Sticks.  The colored glue gives children a visual to see where they are applying the glue.  It’s awesome!  To assemble the truck, glue the large rectangle and square next to each other side by side on a sheet of paper.  These will serve as the engine and the cab.  Then glue the blue square onto the cab and that will be the window.

The black circles get glued to the bottom as the wheels and then the skinny yellow rectangle is the ladder and can be glued at a slight angle at the top.

Add a few lines on the yellow rectangle for the rungs of the ladder, and it’s done!