1. Use a real potato.

Kids love silly things, and what’s sillier than using a real potato for hot potato?  Just make sure to do a practice round around the circle so they can get all of their curiosity about the potato out of their systems.

2.  When the music stops, let the child left holding the potato name something from a predetermined category.

An example of this would be favorite food.  Each time the potato stops, that child gets to name their favorite food.

3. No one gets “out”.

No 2 year old in their right mind wants to be left out of a game.  Make it fun for the kids who end up with the hot potato, not a negative.  This way the game can continue on until the children start to get bored of it. 

An old school game like Hot Potato is still a brand new concept to toddlers, and these additions to the game will help to encourage participation!