This craft is fun! It requires a bit of concentration and really focuses on building fine motor skills.  Kids can practice lacing while creating their own spiderweb! This is a craft that is perfect for Halloween, but would be fun for any day!

What you’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Scotch tape

First, punch holes around the outer edge of the plate.  I made 7 holes because this is the first time I’m doing this craft with my class and I didn’t want to overwhelm them.  But if you have kids that are super comfortable with lacing, add more holes! The more holes there are the more fun and crazy the spiderweb will look at the end!

Next comes the lacing part.  I used orange yarn because it’s a Halloween color and the traditional white of a spiderweb wasn’t going to show up on a white plate, but obviously use whatever color of yarn you want or have on hand!  To make lacing easier I wrapped the end of the yarn with scotch tape.  The tape on the end will keep the yarn from fraying and make it more stable and easier to thread.  I also taped the end to the back of the paper plates so the yarn wouldn’t move around.

Finally, go crazy with the lacing! The sillier and crazier the web pattern is the better!